Keep Calm and Let Them Attack You

November 9, 2018


That dog is very vicious. It defends itself when attacked. Distort and conflate is the new wash, rinse and repeat mantra of the Left. So keep calm and let them berate, attack and harass you. You have noticed that, right? "Keep calm. What are you worried about? Why are you in a hurry?" Why won't you tolerate the intolerant while they obstruct and tear down everything that they cannot control? You are making them feel inferior with your hard work and success so you must stop that immediately and hand it over to them. Be kind to the unkind. Let them harass you in restaurants and while walking down the street like Maxine Waters has said over and over and then watch them blame you when a crazy person shoots up a synagogue? Does this make any sense to anybody? They put you on edge constantly and then tell you to keep calm while they box you in and oppress you and do everything to you that they accuse you of doing to them.

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