Results of Christine Blasey Ford lie detector test are useless if we don't know the questions

September 27, 2018

Since there is no actual evidence, I presume that the entire test, questions and answers are all useless. THEY COULD NOT POSSIBLY HAVE ASKED HER ANY INCRIMINATING QUESTIONS ABOUT THE FACTS BECAUSE THERE AREN'T ANY. THERE WOULD BE NO POSSIBILITY OR REASON TO LIE ABOUT THE VAGUE SNIPPETS OF INFORMATION THAT SHE DID PROVIDE. All of the information that they do have is totally innocuous.


No claim should ever be believed to be substantial enough to even entertain unless it provides adequate substance that could incriminate the accuser by the possibility of it being disproved. This is crucial criteria necessary to not only validate the claim but also would fall under the common sense basis that there is the possibility that people (especially Democrats) are capable of lying.


Great men have labored over the idea of law and justice and Leftists bang a gavel like a monkey trying to open a coconut. The only thing that the equality/diversity experiment has proved is that the Left is disgusted by the realty of human nature. It makes them sad that some people are just not good enough and that for them we must throw the rules that the rest of us have to play by out the window.


The most disturbing thing about this charade is how many women in positions of power are clearly letting their emotions dictate their partiality to the accuser while dismissing due process, People are never to be believed. Facts and evidence are to be believed. Anyone who believes anything without facts or proof is really just making a decision about how they feel. The Left feels badly that they lost the election and they feel badly that they are going to lose the Supreme Court and so now they are lying and cheating because they cannot win via meritocracy because they were handed positions that they did not deserve in the first place.


When you don't earn something you cannot possibly be expected to know how to keep it. This does not comport with Obama's explanation that you didn't build that, somebody gave it to you. Obama thinks that this is the way that things work because he was handed a presidency that he did not earn. The Left can only destroy. They cannot build. They don't know how. This is the Left.

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