Ohio boy's lawn care business goes viral after 'ridiculous' neighbor calls cops on him

June 30, 2018

“Who does that?" she asked. “I’m so angry right now, this is totally ridiculous.”


Also, Fox News, you might want to inform your journos about spell check. There were two misspelled words in this article of only a couple hundred words.


I guess he hasn't been doing this very long if you have to ask that question. Ask any landscaper who has been doing this for awhile and they will tell you that the neighbor of the customer can be a huge pain in the ass and often for no reason.


A resident in a Maple Heights, Ohio neighborhood called the police on a 12-year-old boy who is spending the summer mowing lawns.


The boy, Reginald “Reggie” Fields, along with his siblings and cousins, were mowing a customer's lawn when Reggie accidentally cut a different neighbor’s grass.


The mistake spurred that resident to call the Maple Heights Police Department, Lt. Joe Mocsiran confirmed to Fox News on Friday.


"They said I was cutting their grass. I didn't know it," Reggie first told WEWS News 5.

Mocsiran said no action was taken against Reggie.


“A little kid is out there working hard -- heck no,” he said, explaining that it’s difficult to tell where one person’s lawn starts and another ends in the neighborhood where the incident occurred.


The situation prompted Lucille Holt, the customer whose lawn Reggie was mowing, to post a video to Facebook detailing the incident and documenting the children’s hard work.


"I guess I have a line where part of it is not my yard. They called the police to tell the police that the kids were cutting their grass," Holt said in the video.


“Who does that?" she asked. “I’m so angry right now, this is totally ridiculous.”


As of Friday afternoon, the video had more than 50,000 views and 500 reactions.


Holt’s video has caused a surge in Reggie’s business, WEWS News 5 reported, adding that people from across the city have now asked Reggie to mow their lawn.


"People are inboxing me like, 'how can I get in touch with these children? Where are they at? I got property I want these kids to cut,'" Holt said.


The young boy, whose business is called “Mr. Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Service,” according to WEWS News 5, plans to use the money he earns this summer to buy new equipment to expand his business.





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