Why Dick Durbin's New Legislation Misses the Mark - Protecting Children's Online Privacy

June 5, 2018




Durbin & Markey Introduce New Legislation To Protect Children's Online Privacy


Propose this legislation for everyone otherwise it is just age discrimination


This legislation could protect PEDOS and many parents install devices or apps to track their kids


Why don't parents have the right to choose what their child can and cannot access?


So a mother can kill her unborn child but facebook is not allowed to collect data on its users based on age? Discriminatory.


*Based on how Illinois uses the 'kid glove approach' to violent crime committed by under aged kids - will this protect "kids" who commit crimes and then OUT themsleves online? My prediction is YES. So, for example, the next time a group of teens kinap and torture a handicapped man and live stream the whole thing on facebook, will that information (incriminating evidence) have to disappear?

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