I had a competitor’s wife posing as a customer call me for an estimate – AGAIN


This is the 2nd time this has happened recently and the 3rd time this year. I don’t know what information they think they are going to glean from ‘interviewing’ me. After a certain point I get bored and start making stuff up. I think that some of these guys have enjoyed an industry with relatively little to no competition and they are not sure what to do when they have to keep sharing space with the increasing number of plot points indicating landscaping companies showing up on Google Maps.


When it comes to landscape maintenance, at a certain point how much better can you really be than the next guy? Assuming, of course, that you both know how to do it right. There shouldn’t really be a huge difference when 90% of lawn care is paying attention to what you are doing and paying attention to detail. There are a lot of people who just won’t do this kind of work for some reason. I have no idea why.


For those who do choose this as a profession – we are not special. We do share some of the same characteristics with other types of entrepreneurs; we are motivated, typically don’t like working for other people, enjoy the freedom but also the responsibility that comes with taking accountability for our own successes and failures. Some people think that nobody else has realized what we have discovered. This is a good industry for people who are willing to work. It is not a secret. Most people are not willing to work hard and do what it takes to be a successful landscaper or landscaping company.


I have said this before and I will say it again: It would be relatively easy for 3-4 smaller landscaping companies to land much bigger, much better jobs and more of them through shared resources. This does not involve combining everyone’s clients into one big pot. That is a bad idea. If executed properly, a shared resources collaborative will result in a mutually beneficial arrangement for all parties provided that the companies are relatively similar in size and of comparable skill level. Working from a shared resource pool assures that no single company can overtake or absorb any collaborative work.


“If I could only find a few guys like me…” The guys who keep saying this need to team up with a few other guys who are also saying this. You will never find an hourly employee that has as much of vested interest in your company as you do. Almost all of the bigger accounts belong to just a handful of large companies. I have property managers and HOAs contacting me because they are not happy with the big company they are using. So far I can handle these accounts but I am going to have to start dropping more of my residential customers if any new accounts get any bigger than what I am doing now and I shouldn’t have to do that.  Contact me if you understand what I am talking about. We can do this with just 3 small companies total. If I could only find 2 guys like me…

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