Landscaper Mulching Tips


For mulch installation and mulch for sale in Plainfield, Naperville, Romeoville and Bolingbrook, IL you should contact the professional landscapers at On Demand Grass Landscaping. Free estimates and free delivery are included with any mulch order. We offer several grades of high quality mulch that will fit any budget. It is far cheaper to buy from a bulk distributor than to try and purchase by the bag from your local hardware store. Low quality, substandard, dried up flaky mulch blows away or ends up in your lawn after the first strong wind of the year.


Purchasing mulch can be a daunting process. It is difficult to find a landscaper you can trust in Will and DuPage County. There are many scams or, at the very least, deceptive practices employed by unscrupulous landscapers. ‘Too good to be true’ cheap mulch is dry and flaky and not very appealing when it comes to appearance. Cheap mulch also presents the possibility of importing a bug infestation that can cost not only time and aggravation but more costly future damage to existing foliage or other landscaping.  Beware of the sample that a landscaping company might offer you as it may not be representative of what they will show up with at the time of installation. Lesser quality ‘filler’ will often be mixed in with mulch to increase the perceived quantity, but degrade the quality of the mulch purchased.


The most popular scam associated with buying mulch or having mulch installed at your home or business is overselling the customer on the perceived quantity of mulch needed. For example, a Z Landscaping Company will approach a customer with a low cost mulch per yard and inflate the number of yards needed to complete the project. My mulch is only $20 per yard. You need 12 yards of mulch to complete your project. When in fact, you only need 4 actual yards of mulch to complete the project. By shifting the numbers around they have actually tripled the cost quoted and the customer does not even realize it because it is difficult to visualize a ‘cubic yard’ in a natural setting when you might not be used to dealing with those standard volumetric quantities. The vast majority of D.I.Y. individuals or customers attempting to install mulch on their own make two or more trips to the store proving this point. This is another reason that a free estimate from On Demand Grass Landscaping is highly recommended and will save you time and money in the long run. Our free estimates involve no ‘high pressure sales’ or other disingenuous tactics.


On Demand Grass always treats your property and the area surrounding your property with respect. We do not leave mulch in the street or driveway or walkways after completion of your mulch installation project. Installing mulch is not only beneficial to the natural setting of plant life in your yard, it also quickly beautifies the exterior appearance of your home immediately. Targeted mulch installation is a cheap way to add to the curb appeal when selling a home. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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